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We believe that the best way for you to see how our web-enabled Talent Management tools will impact your organizationís profitability is to have you go through a short guided tour to explore their feature-rich functionality. To schedule a demo, Contact us.


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Welcome to EPIC Software

As Organizational Effectiveness experts, EPIC Software Corporation focuses on one thing - helping our clients become more profitable by reducing costs associated with workforce planning, management and development. Our suite of web-enabled workforce automation tools, custom software design & implementation methodology and world-class professional services assist clients become more profitable and lower their capital and operational costs by leveraging their previous investments in people, processes, documentation and technology.

Our Strategic Professional Services are used by Boards, Executives, HR, Managers and Employees to align and optimize workforce productivity and employee development.

Our Rapid-Deployment Web-enabled Software Solutions require NO CAPITAL BUDGET, NO ADDITIONAL IT RESOURCES and TYPICALLY PROVIDE A 100% ROI WITHIN 6 MONTHS. If you have access to the Internet, can use an Internet Browser and know how to create an attachment to an email then you can use our systems; OUR EXPECTATION IS THAT ALL NEW USERS SHOULD BE PRODUCTIVE WITHIN THEIR FIRST HOUR OF USING ONE OF OUR SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS, even without any training.

Our Customized Software Solutions include the design, development, implementation, hosting and management of your solution and have been designed to fit virtually any budget. So whether you would like to keep costs low by having us host, manage and maintain your customized solution or prefer to have an out-of-the-box version you can install on your own servers or desktops, either way, we are here to meet your needs - including multiple language requirements. We offer:
  • EPIC On-Demand: For companies who are budget conscious and comfortable with housing their data outside of their firewall in a secure environment and who may not have sufficient dedicated IT staff to manage their system. Through EPIC On-Demand we offer dedicated hosting capabilities and provide any and all technical support you require, including maintenance, upgrades, etc.

  • EPIC On-Site: For customers who would like to have their software and data managed by their own IT team behind their firewalls, we offer EPIC On-Site, a deployment option that gives your team maximum control.
Our range of flexible software deployment options provides you with ways to reduce your costs even further; from standardized web-enabled "vanilla" implementations to completely customized software designed to meet your exact business, analytic and reporting requirements. Our solutions can also be integrated with any other systems you currently have in place, from Tier 1 ERP products like SAP and Oracle|PeopleSoft to 3rd party stand-alone products.

Our proposals include a detailed business case which has proven to engage the clients' Finance team early in the process. Our dedicated team is trilingual; we speak HR, Business and Technology!

Contact Us today to see how we can assist your organization quickly become more effective and profitable.

Register for a Live Demo & Come Play in Our Sandbox

We believe that the best way for you to see how our web-enabled Talent Management tools will impact your organization's profitability is to have you go through a short guided tour and explore their feature-rich functionality in the comfort of your own work environment. These are not mock-ups or screen shots but real working production versions of the software, otherwise known as our sandboxes. After a guided tour we will contact you again within 24 hours to hear your thoughts and to address any questions you may have regarding implementation and configuration. Our implementations are completed off-site and can typically be completed within 1 to 8 weeks, depending on the size of your organization. Letís put your HR, Business and IT Teams in touch with ours to see if our web-enabled solutions are a good fit for your business.

The Minimum Technical Specifications required to use our Rapid-Deployment Web-enabled Software Solutions are as follows:
  • Pentium class computer
  • 266 MHz processor (300+ MHz recommended)
  • 32 MB RAM (64 MB recommended)
  • Any Windows Based Operating System
  • SVGA monitor capable of 16-bit color and 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater
  • Disable all pop-up blockers (Very important!)
  • Ensure your browsers security settings allow for JavaScript and ActiveX controls
  • Allow browser cookies
  • Minimum 56.6 Kbps Internet connection (High Speed cable, DSL-class or broadband access recommended)


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