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A National Retail Petroleum Company has a corporate/franchise mix of over 2,000 retail gas bars and approximately 7,500 employees. It was recently discovered that over the last 12 month period one specific employee had been hired and terminated at over 22 individual gas bar locations for stealing inventory and re-selling it for personal gain. It was estimated that the financial loss to this company was approximately $260,000. EPIC Software introduced some slight modifications to the job application process and will be implementing EPIC. Included in the 4-week, off-site implementation will be the creation of a “Do Not Rehire” code for employee profiles. Any future employees terminated for inappropriate/illegal behavior will be immediately flagged and not allowed to engage in the hiring process; reducing the time wasted by HR professionals while lowering this company's exposure and risk. The cost of implementation and annual licensing for the first year of a multiple year arrangement for over 7,500 employees will be less than one half of the value of the inventory stolen by the recently terminated employee.


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